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CVO has unique experience in field research among hidden populations, often on the edge of society. We conduct both large- and small-scale social scientific research and have broad experience in collecting and analysing both qualitative and quantitative research data.
We conduct research projects in close cooperation with our customers. CVO guarantees research quality by phasing projects in a transparent way. Upon wish, customers are involved in all stages of a research project, keeping a clear view on the progress of the project.

Clients CVO has both governmental and non-governmental clients. Governmental clients include the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and various municipalities. Non-governmental clients include GGZ Nederland, Stichting Mainline, Holland Casino, College van Toezicht op de Kansspelen, Centrale Commissie Behandeling Heroïneverslaafden (CCBH), Nationaal Instituut voor Gezondheidsbevordering en Ziektepreventie (NIGZ), Stichting Informatievoorziening Zorg (SIVZ/IVV), VAN Speelautomaten Branche Organisatie.

Examples of contract research include prevalence studies of gambling problems in the Netherlands, a study on mental health problems among the homeless, a series of studies on alcohol use and alcohol prevention, research projects on harm reduction methodologies for users of heroin and smokeable cocaine and studies on drug use at raves and clubs.

Grants Within a number of research areas, CVO researchers have developed various independent studies, such as a series of studies on cannabis use and coffee shops in Utrecht, studies on gambling problems and self help, studies on addiction problems among old and new migrants in the Netherlands and (inter)national researches on drug use at raves and clubs. These studies have been funded by:

University funds, such as Utrecht University
Government funds, such as ZonMw, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the European Union
Private funds, such as Stichting Verslavingspreventie, Programma Politie en Wetenschap, Open Society Institute


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