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Addicted, and next? Regularly CVO is approached on questions about drugs. Sometimes we are approached by people identifying a drug problem in themselves or their beloved ones. However, CVO is not a drug information service, nor a drug treatment organization.

Use of psychoactive substances is a given nowadays and ultimately a matter of free choice. If substances are used, it is important to use them in a sensible way. This implies reducing personal health risks and problems for the environment as much as possible. Nonetheless, we realise that people do not always use substances in sensible ways and thus seek for help or need care.

Information about alcohol and other drugs Educate yourself about the substances you use. Informative English websites, where you can find excellent information about psychoactive substances are The Vaults of Erowid and Drugtext Foundation.
Informative websites in Dutch are Drugsinfo and Unitydrugs. Stichting Mainline is an independent organisation aiming to improve the health and life quality of drug users.

There are many websites, forum, chat boxes and blogs on the internet focussing on one or a number of substances. An excellent website about alcohol you find at the Nationaal Instituut voor Gezondheidsbevordering en Ziektepreventie: Alcoholvoorlichting. A good website about tobacco is Stivoro.
If you are looking for information about the many faces of addiction, go to Verslavingspagina.

Self tests Various tests to check your own substance use are available on the internet. A good one to check your drinking behaviour is Drinktest. Tests to check your use of other substances, can be found at Jellinek. CVO conducts many studies on gambling. Test your gambling behaviour on Goktest.

Drug treatment and care When you or a loved one need help with problem drug use, there are several counselling and treatment options in the Netherlands. See for example: SIVZ or Drugspagina. Medisoft gives you numerous links to treatment and care agencies. You can also call the Drug Infoline 0900-1995 (€ 0,10 min). Here you can ask problem-oriented questions and get tips and referrals for next steps.

Self help groups Many self help groups are active in the Netherlands:
AA Nederland (alcohol)
Al-Anon (alcohol in the family)
CA-Holland (cocaine)
NA-Holland (drugs and medicines)
Twelve Steps Program
AGOG (gambling and gambling in the family)
Self Help Group Buitenveldert

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