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Research CVO has a long tradition in (large-scale) social scientific research on substance use and addiction. Our core expertise is research among hidden populations on the margins of society. An important starting point is that marginalized groups are well able to explain their way of life.
In addition to social scientific research, CVO conducts policy research, as well as process and effect evaluations, most of those aiming to evaluate interventions in treatment and care facilities. Methodologically, we generally use multi-disciplinary designs, based on theories of various social scientific disciplines: ethnography, psychology, sociology, epidemiology and criminology. For each research project individually, research instruments are tailored to the research questions. In our quantitative and qualitative studies, we tailor the sampling process to the research population, using both standardized techniques and innovative sampling methods, such as respondent driven sampling.
Ever changing research populations, settings and areas keep us alert to new developments. Where needed, we initiate them ourselves.

Education CVO has a long history of education. Students conduct graduate research, literature studies or apprenticeships at our centre. Over the years, CVO has trained students and junior researchers on the entire research process involved in both qualitative and quantitative social scientific studies.

Training CVO provides training and team supervision in the Netherlands and abroad on conducting applied and policy research. Using Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) methods, we train practitioners without formal research education to rapidly map a social problem and develop appropriate and tailored responses.

Consultancy CVO provides consultancy services to research and health care organisations and to governmental bodies, both domestically and abroad. In the Netherlands, our clients include various local and national government bodies, drug treatment centres and educational institutes. Internationally, our staff advises and works with clients in for example Germany (Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe), Italy (Gruppo Abele), Estonia (Ministry of Justice), Ukraine (UNICEF), Moldova (World Bank/PCIMU), Hungary (PHARE Twinning) and Thailand (Asian Harm Reduction Network).

Cooperation CVO greatly values cooperation with (inter)national research partners. Exchange of knowledge and experience elevates research to a higher level. Domestically we collaborate with the Criminological Institute Bonger of the University of Amsterdam, the Mainline foundation in Amsterdam, the Trimbos National Institute on Mental Health and Addiction (NIMHA) in Utrecht and IVO in Rotterdam. With these partners we conducted projects on topics as varied as gambling problems and policy, safer use of smokable cocaine, asylum seekers and substance use and did trainings on RAR. For years we have collaborated with the NIMHA´s International Affairs Unit. Together with the NIMHA we supervised large scale RAR projects on refugees and substance use in Europe as well as local RARs in Hungary. International partners include Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe in Münster, Germany, the Ukrainian Institute for Social Research in Kiev and the National Institute in for Drug Prevention in Budapest, Hungary.


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